2022-10-25 09:48
Casandra Ochoa

Correct lighting, tips in the home during the dark times!
Lighting is one of the most important when decorating a home and in the same way it is in a public environment. With good lighting and the right setting of light, you will achieve the desired atmosphere. Basic rule is general lighting. General lighting must spread a light in all directions and at the same time be strong enough to illuminate the entire room. In the Nordics, we have trends where we choose warm light. You are the one who should feel comfortable in your home - with the lighting that you choose.

In the living room, combine general light and directed light. Next to the sofa, for example, there can be a table lamp, alternatively a floor lamp as ambient lighting with directed light towards the seating area. Feel free to use directed light to highlight, for example, a painting, a work of art or a wall. It is important that with lighting, you can vary the strength to create good contrasts between light and dark parts. The shape and colors of the fixture also affect the room, at the same time how to place it low or high, close to the wall or far from the wall.

In bedrooms, combine general lighting and directed light. Next to the bed, reading lamps are recommended, preferably with a dimmer function. Wardrobes in the bedroom should be illuminated with directional spotlights so that it is easy to see the clothes when the wardrobes are open.
In the kitchen, it is important to have general lighting combined with good work lighting for workbenches and stove with halogen lamps edyl.

In the dining room, you should choose a fixture that has a glare-free light directed downwards and preferably with a dimmable function that means that in this way you can adjust the light intensity depending on your mood and needs. Everything to create the coziest environment.

Different types of light sources

Light source: Good lighting has different strengths and depends on the needs in the room.

Lumen: Lumen (lm) indicates the brightness of the lamp. Higher lumens mean higher brightness.
Dimmer: With the dimmer, you can change the brightness and save electricity at the same time. With a dimmer function, it also makes the lamp more flexible.
Halogen light bulb: The advantage is that the light is stronger than in regular light bulbs, even though they are small. Halogen lamps are used less nowadays due to their relatively high energy consumption.
Low energy lamps: or fluorescent lamps, as they are also called, are energy efficient. The low-energy lamp contains a small amount of mercury, which is a dangerous metal. Therefore, remember that the lamp contains mercury when you recycle it. There are many options that can be dimmed or that light up quickly.
LED lamp: it is much more energy efficient and more durable. Many LED lights are dimmable, but require a fixture that has a dimmer that works with LEDs. With LED, you can create atmospheric lighting in the form of, for example, LED strips.

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